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The Princess Scale 2: Leia Organa

The second princess up for our consideration is Princess Leia from Star Wars. (For our purposes I’m going to consider the three movies she appeared in and not any novels or comics which may or may not also be part of any canon.)

Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan
Fictional Source: Star Wars trilogy

Is she really a princess? Well, she legitimately has the title, but I don’t get how. Her father isn’t a king, after all; he’s a senator. 0 points here.

Beauty. Well, no offense to Carrie Fisher, but I wouldn’t call Leia a great beauty. She looks perfectly nice, but, especially when you adjust for the fact that she had to be attractive enough to get cast in a movie, not unusually so. That’s 1 point.

Usefulness or awesomeness. Leia is extremely competent, routinely volunteers for the most dangerous jobs, is an effective leader, never backs down from anything, doesn’t break under torture, and was shooting holes through stormtroopers in a movie made in the 1970s. And could someone please get this walking carpet out of my way? The movie doesn’t even start without her. 3 points.

Skills. Yes, sorta. See above for most of them. I guess she also has diplomatic experience although, uh, you’d never know it. Not a lot that you can put your finger on, really. Say 2 points.

In The Empire Strikes Back it turns out that she and Han Solo love each other. And mostly it works. One thing this relationship has in its favour as far as Leia’s portrayal is concerned is that Han is won over to Leia’s cause and not the other way around. The Star Wars trilogy is more Leia’s story than Han’s and their relationship helps attach him to it. So ordinarily I’d give her 0 points for this category but in this case I’ll give her 0.5 of a point. It also doesn’t hurt that Leia and Han are about equal in terms of whether they’re major characters in the movies*.

For things I haven’t taken into account yet… well, she’s got some kind of Jedi potential. That’s worth something, I guess. Give her another 0.5 of a point.

Overall Score: 7

That seems a lot more like it. Leia’s our high-water mark for princesses and I think it’ll be difficult to find too many who surpass her.


Princess Leia Organa (7)
Princess Buttercup (-3)

* Talk amongst yourselves. Luke:Leia:Han::Harry:Hermione:Ron. Discuss.

  1. Angela
    January 22, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Oooo do the movie “The Tale of Despereaux”? I can’t totally remember a line from that. I am not thinking about Princess Pea, but of Miggory Sow the servant girl and what fathers think of their daughters.

  2. January 22, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    I’ll put it on the list. I never saw the movie, though; any good? Or do you mean the book?

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