My Writing

It must seem, looking at the items below, that I have superheroes on the brain and can’t write about much else. It’s true that I love the superhero genre, but I am actually interested in writing other stuff. And I will.


Ded & Sac, a novel about superheroes.

Legion Abstract, where I write about the Legion of Super-Heroes (who are owned and published by DC Comics), and about superheroes in general.

Batter’s Box, a fansite dedicated to the Toronto Blue Jays, where I am the editor of guest articles and an infrequent writer.


“Diversity and Evolution in the Reboot Legion” and “Generational Theory and the Waid Threeboot”, in Teenagers from the Future: Essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes (Sequart Books, 2008).

Sliced Bread 2: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread, a novel in blog form about a superhero’s personal assistant (2004-2005).

“ARF program takes aim at drug, alcohol abuse among young” (The Medical Post, May 4, 1993)

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