Dec 2 2011 Ded & Sac Update

Chapter 12 of the first draft is in the can. That’s what, about a month since the last update? More than a month. I’d certainly like to do better than one chapter a month. Funny, too; seemed like this one went a bit faster.

I’ve started Chapter 13 and I’m having trouble with it. I know exactly what I want to accomplish with this chapter but I have no idea what I want to have happen to accomplish it. My standard technique for dealing with blocks like that is, “invent a whole new thing,” and I may end up going that way. On the other hand I may have enough stray plot threads lying around that I can just use one or two of them. (Which wouldn’t be a bad idea if I can do it.)

Also Christmas is coming, which means I should have some time off that I can use productively. Or, at least, that’s one way that could go.

One thought on “Dec 2 2011 Ded & Sac Update

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