Lot of stuff going on

There’s a lot of stuff going on these days; probably some of it has caught your attention. War, climate change, economic disasters, natural disasters, political upheaval, political repression. And I sit around saying, well, what am I doing about it. Not enough, is what I’m doing about it. No good reason why not, either. I mean, sure, I have hostages to fortune, but I can do something, right?

So let’s start here: according to this website, today is American Censorship Day. Go read it, think about it, consider what to do next. Sure, my site here is in important respects a Canadian website… but the blogging service that runs it is American-based, so that’s one thing. Plus, I don’t know, one cannot do everything, but one has to start somewhere, and this is a good somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Lot of stuff going on

  1. I just read how the glass condos being built are going to “fail” in 20 to 30 years.
    Smack on the forehead.
    They will have to replace the walls …. with, perhaps, bricks??!!

    The glass fogs up, leaks water, contract/expand, bad for energy-heating. etc.

    D’uh! (oh but they are so pretty, says the people buying them!)
    and cheaper, supposedly, then materials that um, last.

    How can they build a city on that is going to fall apart in 30 years????
    That makes me so mad.

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