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2014/3/26 Superhero of the Day: Cipher

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2014/2/26 Superhero of the Day: Gateway

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2014/2/12 Superhero of the Day: Zero

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2014/1/29 Superhero of the Day: Blindfold

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2014/1/15 Superhero of the Day: Wraith

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2014/1/1 Superhero of the Day: Forearm

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And I didn’t put up an entry yesterday; sorry ’bout that. No excuse. It just fell off the schedule.

If only there were some occasion on which people could decide they’re going to be better about doing things that they intend to do. That could come in handy.

Oh well.

2013/12/4 Superhero of the Day: Surge

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2013/11/20 Superhero of the Day: Wind Dancer

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2013/11/6 Superhero of the Day: Pulse

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2013/10/23 Superhero of the Day: Blink

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