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8/3/2013 Superhero of the Day: Ringo

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Five Beatles Songs I Don’t Need to Hear Again

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To me, one of the defining characteristics of the Beatles’ music is that it still sounds fresh, even after all this time. You can think about a song like “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” and say to yourself, yeah, that was a pretty okay song; don’t need to hear it again right now. But if you listen to it… it’s just like the first time all over again.

Another defining characteristic is that they were basically always at the top of their game. Is there a Beatles song that another band wouldn’t kill to be able to claim as part of their catalogue?

Having said that…

Five Beatles Songs I Don’t Need to Hear Again
5. Got to Get You Into My Life (My problem here is just that it’s not their usual sound, and it doesn’t work for me. Some Beatles songs are also not their usual sound, and it does work for me. “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”, for instance. “Rocky Raccoon”. But not this one.)
4. Oh! Darling (I just don’t care for it.)
3. Revolution 9 (Sure, we could listen to “Revolution 9”. Or, you know, instead we could listen to music.)
2. Good Day Sunshine (Happy happy joy joy bleah. Insipid. Not that songs about happiness are necessarily bad! “I Feel Fine” is one of my all-time favourites.)
1. Hey Jude (It’s not a bad song… but it goes on and on and on, and it’s so overplayed…)

(Bonus list: Five Beatles Songs I Don’t Hear Enough
5. She’s a Woman
4. Yer Blues
3. You’re Going to Lose That Girl
2. Here Comes the Sun (How did people live before this song existed?)
1. Every Little Thing)

I know I’m not the only one who thinks like this. You?

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